A crazy witch

Me and my mom are planning to leave our house, we pack everything that we could take and intend to go soon. I don’t know the reason. What I know we have to do it fast because someone is coming after us. I recognize the place, one of our house rooms in Cianjur.

Everything has been packed and suddenly the situation gets blurred. I don’t remember anything.

I am on another scene, meet the twins whom I’ve ever seen on tv series, Liv and Luke. When they say they’re running from their mom, I automatically look to find my mom. I can’t find her.

Liv and Luke insist me to join them in a ride. We ride like crazy monkeys. The weather is not so bright and the road is awfully annoying. Thus we can’t enjoy the trip. It makes me get a heavy headache and I can’t stand the adventure anymore. I want to vomit.

When I take my chance to vomit at the left side of the road, Liv and Luke stay in the car. I think I don’t take too much time but when I get back to the car… they’re gone. A woman with a cruel smile laughs and she says she put them in a jar (?). I am little bit confused of what she’s talking about.

The woman shows me the jar where Liv and Luke trapped. At that second, I know they’re from a real witch family. The woman says she’s their mother and she wants to keep them safe. She’s crazy. A real crazy. She laughs so hard.

What I find minutes later, I’m no longer joining the scene. I am the audience. I can feel I’m in a car with that woman but actually I’m not there. It’s difficult to explain. I can see the car bumps the trees in the forest and feel the pain when the branches stab our bodies. It’s really strange. Whereas I see myself outside the car and watch the witch gone into a thin air.


Back to school

Suddenly I wear my school uniform and go to school. Wait.. it’s not my school. It is the school of my students, I remember I had been teaching there for one semester. I don’t know what I’m doing there but something triggers my attention related to a concert ticket. It might be fun.

One of my students running in the hall to greet me. She looks confused. “What are you doing here, Miss?” said her. I tell her that we have to collaborate to run the event–maybe the concert?

She tells me not to hangout there because in several minutes the bell will be ringing again and it means they have to go to class again. She invites me to hangout at the canteen of the next school. I’m surprised I totally agree they have to skip the class. I was their teacher, why do I agree?

We discuss the event and my other students come to accompany us. They have a lot of brilliant ideas. I feel like I am no longer their teacher who disguise as a schoolgirl. I am really a part of my students. I enjoy the fun conversation even though I am from another school.

While we have lots of laughter, some real teachers find us skipping class. If I leave that place at the moment, those teachers would know I am from another school and that’s prohibited. They wouldn’t allow students from other schools to hangout with their students in a current study time. To get out of a trouble, my students propose that I follow them to the class and join them in a boring teaching and learning session. They say the teacher wouldn’t notice at all.

I agree and we walk together to the class. Some other students think I’m a new student there. I can’t help my laugh.


I have an unfinished business

I am trapped in a rush, riding a motorbike to escape of a mad catcher. In that messy and crowded traditional market, I’m sweating and my heart’s beating so fast. I try to hide myself behind bunch of vegetables, yet my body and motorbike is so much bigger than that.  I told the seller not give a word if someone asks for my presence. For awhile, I feel safe. Then I continue my escape to be out from that creepy place..

Bad luck.

That man is now seeing me and running to approach me.

I fail to find the exit gate and keep biking in the traditional market. I pass a lot of disgusting rotten fruits and vegetables on a tarnished floor. I almost give up.. I can’t stand this runway anymore. In fact, I don’t know whom I run away from.

I woke up and realize that’s only a dream.

I take a breath.. walk outside my room and found my friends, Gena and Hila. Consciously I’m aware it’s another scene. We talk about some things including my previous experience in another dream. They find it scary and tell me to finish my unfinished business which I don’t even know what it is.

I start to worry about that and ask for Hila’s advice. Then something happens… Hila’s already in a water transparent tube and I think she’s not alive anymore! Her skin is turning blue and her eyes still wide open. Her eyes are turning black, now. I’m getting afraid this is just another nightmare. I shake Gena but she’s screaming. She tells me she doesn’t know what happen to Hila. I look down to find my stuffs then I see Gena is turning like Hila. I lose my breath.

I step down the stairs in hurry and slip myself to a big black hole. It’s really dark and I want to wake up. I try to open my eyes and it’s really hard to do. I call someone’s name and fortunately my eyes could be opened. It’s still a nightmare.

I close my eyes tightly and pray this scary journey ends soon. I promise myself not to wake up until I arrive in my own room.

Then I hear my mom’s voice. It’s something from heaven. I have arrived in my real world.


Maybe time will tell

It’s been too long since the last time we saw each other. A year. Where have you been? You don’t even try to arrange a flash meeting–which I did and it didn’t work out. Last night you came into my dream and I saw lot things happened. You have changed.

Maybe it’s not really a sudden thing, I accidentally saw some pictures which related to us before falling asleep. Maybe that’s the anchor which make you appeared in the shadow.


Dating with my bestfriend’s sister, huh? I feel surprised. Feels like I have been told about it but I forget. Deep inside I know it’s just a dream, but I keep going with the flow. You say you want to tell me about it before, but you fail. I don’t ask you the reason, don’t know why. But one thing I know, you shut down yourself from me and that makes me sad.

I see you holding that book with many pictures of you and her, clearly it tells a love story. Even though I feel sad, but I want to smile from ear to ear. You even change your names, Raka & Fatya. It reminds me of what I did similarly years ago, writing a communicative diary (a diary which can be commented by yourself), silly yet fun, right?

You find your happiness, you show that to me unconsciously. It’s ridiculous seeing you jumping to the water, swimming at the beach, playing the sand, then writing your feeling on that book in sequence. I can’t believe I don’t have the guts to tell you I miss you. I don’t want to interrupt what you’re doing now. I just need to leave you all alone.